I’m Lindsay Sparks, a registered dietitian and nutrition counselor with a passion for helping people to embrace their bodies and live a fulfilling, nourished life from the inside out. I believe that there is much more to life than obsessing over calories or a number on the scale. It’s why I am devoted to guiding others to cultivate sustainable and enjoyable health habits that end the need to diet, once and for all.



Growing up, I was exposed to a variety of foods and was fortunate to come from a family of "foodies." Despite this, I fell prey to diet culture, disordered eating, and poor body image beginning in my teenage and well into my young adult years. I thought that food and exercise were things that I needed to tightly control to look a certain way and to be “healthy.” I didn’t trust my body to live without food and exercise rules.

Over the course of my nutrition education and dietetics career, I came to realize that health is amazingly complex and that in actuality, deprivation, restriction and body shaming causes far more harm than good. I began to slowly let go of all the rules I had adhered to for so many years and to challenge the assumptions I had about health. As I did, I found a way of living that is balanced, sustainable, and best of all - liberating!

In 2016, I started my private practice to help others discover this freedom. I empower my clients to create the beautiful life they've always deserved, where the mind, body, and spirit thrive because of the value they recognize within themselves.


The Feed Your Spark Philosophy

Eating is meant to be a pleasurable, satisfying, and enjoyable experience. Somewhere along the way, however, food and eating have become much more complicated. My goal is to help you understand that eating nutritious, whole foods, does not have to create more stress in your life and there is plenty of room for the foods you love. 

Diets are often unsuccessful because they come with long lists of rules that disconnect you from listening to your body's signals, don't meet your lifestyle or food preferences, or (fill in the blank). You are not a failure, it's the diets that have failed you. It is why when I work with you, I guide you to become the expert for what works best for your body to meet your unique emotional and physiological needs.

We are all born with a spark, and your spark burns the brightest when it is not stifled by constant worry over calories, exercise, and weight. Feeding your spark comes from a place of self-compassion, curiosity, and wonderment in all that your body is capable of. You deserve to take care of the body that you have right now, no matter it's size or shape, because you are worth more than a number on the scale.



Let’s work together to redefine the way you view what healthy is!

Inspiration to feed your spark and ignite within!