What clients are saying about working with Feed Your Spark:

Lindsay is the perfect combination of professional and personable. She will give you tools you can use long term to get sustainable results. She is NOT your average "in, 15-minute meeting, out with a printed off worksheet" kind of dietitian. She will spend time getting to know you and work with you to find solutions that are unique to your needs. If you need support, encouragement, and solutions, she is your dietitian. – Hayley


Lindsay gives you the tools you need to get on the right nutritional path. Not only does she lay out a plan for your success, she gives emotional support you need. She is not a one size fits all nutrition expert, she believes in positive body image and long-term lifestyle change. – Melanie


Lindsay takes the time to understand your individual needs and how she can help you achieve your desired results. She taught me how to meal plan to better manage my blood sugar levels. I no longer struggle with the spikes and drops in blood sugar levels! She is extremely knowledgeable and has a lot of helpful advice. Highly recommend! – Tiffany


Before working with Lindsay, I had so many different things I was trying to adhere to that I was miserable and felt hopeless. I wasn’t aiming for sustainable goals. Lindsay’s attitude made me feel comfortable and she was also wonderful at making sure I was understood. She was flexible and met me where I was; she didn’t formulate a one size fits all plan. I now feel empowered in my choices and spend more time reflecting on my actions, setting realistic goals, and focusing more on the positives. I no longer feel that food is my adversary. – Amy


When I started working with Lindsay, I had a lot of guilt around eating foods I enjoyed but considered as “bad.” Lindsay helped teach an old dog new tricks! She helped me to reframe my thinking about how I eat. She never made me feel belittled, was very personable and I felt very comfortable opening up to her. She was a great encourager who inspired me to set goals and achieve them. – Robyn


Lindsay helped me to find enjoyment in eating more vegetables and find balance with sugary beverages. She is understanding, kind, caring, and knowledgeable. She was a very easy person to talk with and never made me feel bad about my insecurities. I thank her for guiding me in my new adventure in life! – Cindy


What I liked best about working with Lindsay was her non-judgmental attitude. I needed more balance in my diet and Lindsay helped me achieve that. – Brenda


The biggest challenge I faced before working with Lindsay was binge eating/diet cycle. I had been trying to get back to intuitive eating for a while but was struggling to do it on my own. What I liked best about working with Lindsay was that she was kind and patient and had gone through the painful process of breaking up with dieting herself. She was patient with me and really understood where I was coming from and offered another point of view when I was struggling to get out of my head. I’m finally back to eating intuitively and feeling like myself. She helped me break through the point where I kept giving up and going back to dieting. I’m so grateful and happy I found Lindsay. She put me back on a path that I had been struggling for years to get back to! – Ashley